Advanced Diploma in Product & Food Photography in Delhi

Advance Level Photography Courses in Delhi

All photographs displayed have been taken by our students and alumni

Advanced Diploma in Product & Food Photography

Advanced Diploma in Product & Food Photography course is meant for those who want to make a career in Product & Food Photography.

What makes photography different from other careers, is that it is an art more than a skill. Therefore, guidance of a mentor is critical to attain the knowledge and get the required practical experience. Many big names in Product & Food photography have started off by assisting brilliant mentors and even then, getting the right mentorship is one of the biggest challenges that aspiring photographers face today.

We have formalized the process of theoretic learning and practical real life work experience in our advanced courses so that when the students complete the course, they are 100% ready to take up commercial work as a professional.

This is an advanced course and hence, students joining are expected to know the following basics:

  • Understanding the Digital SLR camera
  • Camera Manual modes
  • Exposure triangle
  • Basic Studio lighting
  • Photo Editing

The course will cover the following:

Introduction to Product & Food Photography

  • History of Photography
  • Applications of Photography in commercial industry
  • Aesthetics of Product & Food Photography
  • Food Styling
  • Studio- Introduction to Studio Lights & Effects
  • Creative Lighting
  • Effects of Lightning with Specific Object
  • Different Light Sources/ modifiers & Comparative Study
  • Mixing of Daylight and artificial Light
  • Relevant Theories
  • Introduction to Styling
  • Color Theory
  • Personnel Skills- how to use Kelvin
  • Learning to Working in a team

Introduction to Photoshop

  • Working with Images
  • Working with Basic Selection
  • Image formats, aspect ratios, resolutions etc.
  • Advanced image processing workflows
  • Retouching

Business of Product & Food Photography

  • Interacting with clients
  • Understanding expectations and proposing solutions
  • Industry Grammar- releases, licensing, contracts etc.
  • Working with agencies wherever possible
  • Faculty assistance in creating portfolios and getting published

Practical Shoots

Students will be practicing shoots with a senior faculty mentor covering the entire process of:

  • Pre Production
    • Conceptualising shoots
    • Planning process
  • Background selection
    • Logistics Planning
  • Production
    • Execution of shoot
  • Post production
    • Sorting and editing process
    • Structuring ad shoot

Final Students Project

All students will be expected to complete a final course project under the guidance of the mentor, where they will apply the skills learned- to perform a Product & Food shoot be themselves.

Take Aways

At the end of the course, all students will have:

  • Certificate in advanced Product & Food Photography
  • Required skills and experience to start a career as a professional Food & Product Photographer
  • Complete Professional Portfolio in Capturing Product & Food
  • Opportunities of getting published
  • Commercial Assignment opportunities

Internship Opportunities

The students will get to work in real project individually under the guidance of Faculty

Will be announced soon

Six Months

Will be announced soon

From Faculty Team of DSP

Only Five Students Per Batch

Rs. 1,50,000 + GST @18% totalling to Rs.1,77,000


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