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All photographs displayed have been taken by our students and alumni

Photo Journalism Course

Photojournalism is a form of photography, where one learns to deal with the extreme reality of life and purity of photography. It deals with humanitarian, political and socially relevant stories from each photographers unique personal perspective. It is a real test for photographers who want to take up the challenge of creating and telling stories, work on long term projects apart from dealing with the daily world of news.

Photo Journalism and social documentary photography are among the oldest professions in Photography. It has a very relevant role to play in everyday lives of the masses and their awareness towards keeping up with the present day around the globe through newspapers, magazines & online news portals.

During the Photo Journalism course, the students will be taught the various aspects of being a photo Journalist and how to look for those visual stories that give the world an insight into the everyday day scenario. The students willl understand the responsibility of being a photographer in various difficult conditions and situations. Students of Photo Journalism course will learn to work on photo features with strong contexts and visually changing ideas.

Photo Journalism course also will emphasize on visual story telling, creating impactful visuals and sensitive reporting of the subjects.

Students of Photo Journalism course will be looking at creating their own Blogs and updating them regularly by searching, identifying and reporting the stories that we they wish to address to the people around us.

Key focus of thoto Journalism course will be to let every participant experience the medium in practice rather than theory.


  1. Any camera including a DSLR, point & shoot or phone camera.
  2. Knowledge of using internet is needed.

Week Day

10 Classes

Starting on : 03-06-2024 - Week Days at West Delhi

Mr. Sandeep Biswas


Rs. 22,500 + GST @18% totalling to Rs.26,550


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