Nature and Wildlife Photography Course in Delhi

Photography Courses for Amateurs in Delhi

All photographs displayed have been taken by our students and alumni

Nature and Wildlife Photography Course

Nature and Wildlife Photography - being a very fast & upcoming field in Photography, our aim is to create special skills & knowhow to deal with the subject and all surroundings.

Students will develop skills to handle most related equipment & accesories, understand different lighting conditions and accessories to shoot professional quality pictures and become conversant with commercial assignments.

This course has been specially designed in a manner to give students enough practical experience by having four classes as field photo tours to capture the abundant wildlife in our NCR.

For the field trips, the cost of transport will need to be borne separately by the students. (Normally, students pool in to hire a cab for the day as these areas are not on the normal routes which have access to public transport)

The NCR is home to a number of species of wildlife including the black buck, leopards, porcupines, hynes, blue bulls, spotted deer, & a number of birds.

  • The art factor
  • Using the right equipment
  • Using available light effectively
  • Composition
  • Understandings of the subject & their habitat
  • Understanding weather conditions & the kind of lighting it can provide
  • Characters of light
  • Characters of common locations

Week Days

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From Faculty Team of DSP

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Rs.13,500 + GST @18% totalling to Rs.15,930

Approximately Rs.4,000 for travel in the Delhi/NCR for Wildlife Photography trips




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