Fashion Photography Course in Delhi

Photography Courses for Amateurs in Delhi

All photographs displayed have been taken by our students and alumni

Fashion Photography Course

Fashion Photography Course is meant for those who want to make a start in Fashion Photography.

The course will cover the following:


  • Introduction to Fashion Photography.
  • Evolution of Fashion photography
  • Types of Fashion Photography.

Understanding Light in relation to a human subject.

  • Natural Light
  • Hard Light vs Soft light
  • Cutters, Scrims, Diffusers and Reflectors
  • Artificial light
  • Lighting Modifiers and Accessories
  • Creative Lighting Types
  • Creative Lighting Moods
  • Use of light in story telling

Colour Theory

  • Impact of Colours on image emotion
  • Balancing the colour wheel

Fashion Looks

  • Styling & Make-up
  • Posing and Human anatomy & What not to Shoot

Practical Model Shoots- Guided by Faculty

  • High Key Shoot
  • Low Key Shoot
  • Outdoor Editorial

Execution of shoots by students both indoor & outdoor

  • Conceptualisation and design of a shoot- Pre production
  • Execution- Production
  • Processing the image for final result- Post production

Introduction to Composite Photography

Week Days & Week End

2 Months

Week Days

To be announced

Week End

To be announced

From Faculty Team of DSP

Only Ten Students Per Batch

Rs. 50,000 + GST @18% totalling to Rs.Rs.59,000


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