Motion Graphics for Still Images Course in Delhi

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Motion Graphics for Still Images Course

Introduction to ‘PixFX’ - Witness Your Still Images Coming to life

The photographs can be brought to life after you have clicked them. As a matter of fact the photographers are correcting the colours and exposures in posts on a routine basis, but Motion Graphics, opens up the whole new vistas of creatively creating, generating and designing innovative and imaginative special effects presenting a whole new world of possibilities for your clicks.

Pictures are lifeless without creatively arming them with visual effects and Motion Graphics. Animating and editing a photo with motion graphics is a passion which initiates a chain reaction of creativity.

Adobe After Effects works quite some notches above Photoshop—and with this course, you can achieve and create effects that will make your photos come alive in front of you.

Who this course is for :

  • Photographers
  • Designers
  • Artists
  • Digital Illustrators
  • Illustrators

In this course you will study;

  • Getting to know After Effects
  • Importing Photoshop projects in After Effects
  • Introduction to the endless possibilities created through Shape layers
  • Creating 3D Scene from a still photo
  • Adding virtual lights (to enhance the image or if missed during the shoot)
  • Adding animated lightening, flares, camera leaks and other effects
  • Creating films and Documentaries out of still images
  • Creating Ads from still images
  • Creating Corporate videos from still images
  • Mixing still images and videos
  • Creating Motion poster from still images
  • Making still images react to music
  • Changing colours
  • Title/ Logo animation and designing for Films, weddings and corporates

The students will be participating in daily tasks and will have a showreel to demonstrate their learnings by the end of the course.

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12 classes

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From Faculty Team of DSP

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Rs. 25,000 + GST @18% totalling to Rs.29,500


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