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Photographs above have been clicked by students of Delhi School of Photography

Film Making using DSLR Course

The course is meant for all who want to explore film making both as a hobby and as a profession.


  • How to choose an idea
  • How to bring idea/ stories to life
  • Transforming the idea into a story
  • Treatment
  • Rough drafts
  • And finally Developing the idea into an Actual Screenplay


  • An overview of getting familiar to the terms/ Language and craft of film-making process
  • Also getting introduced to the fundamentals of visual storytelling


  • Getting introduced to the key elements of Shooting a Film
  • Getting the hang of using Video/ Film Cameras and their Accessories
  • The Essentials of Lighting Techniques
  • How Lighting aids in visual story telling
  • How lights convey the mood of the Film/ Scene


  • Breaking down the film into its core components for Budgeting
  • Scheduling both Pre Production & Post Production


  • Getting introduced to basics of editing a film
  • Key element in bringing the film to life


  • The students will participate practically in Film Directing, Screenwriting, Digital Camera Technique, Lighting, Digital Editing & Directing Actors.
  • Extend and deepen their in-class learning by producing their own short films.
  • The students will be engaging in Practical training and actual film making.
  • The students will write, direct, shoot and edits digital projects of increasing complexity almost everyday.
  • Each student will get into the essential roles of Director, Assistant Director, Director of Photography, Assistant Camera Operator, and Gaffer (Lighting Technician) on the films of her/his crew members.
  • All Participants will get extensive hands-on experience of working on these projects.

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Weekday Batch : One Month

Weekend Batch : Five Weekends

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To be announced soon

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Rs. 32,500 + GST @18% totalling to Rs.38,350


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Some Photos clicked by DSP Students