Customized Courses in Photography for Corporates in Delhi

Customized Photography Courses in Delhi

All photographs displayed have been taken by our students and alumni

Customized Photography Courses for Corporates/Organizations

Corporate Executives/Employees and Officers from Government Organizations undergo training in various skills regularly. Customized Photography Courses from Delhi School of Photography equips and empowers these individuals to learn photography skills at the workplace as well at DSP's centres.

When the company does not want to engage a professional photographer due to reasons like protecting intellectual property and other security reasons, a well trained internal Photographer will be of great use.

In addition, learning a creative skill like Photography stimulates and motivates employees and helps in employee bonding exercises.

DSP is extremely flexible in course duration/schedule and location of the custom classes. The course curriculum can be defined mutually.

DSP has conducted customised courses for organizations like CPRF, HCL Technologies, The Australian Embassy in Delhi, UNICEF, The American School amongst others.

We also offer specialised courses for schools as part of their extra curricular activities.

Contact us at +91-9871642054 for further details and discussions.

As per requirements of the Corporate Organization

As per requirements of the Corporate Organization

As per requirements of the Corporate Organization

From Faculty Team of DSP

As per requirements of the Corporate Organization

Based on Course Schedule and no of participants


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