Mobile Photography & Film Making Course in Delhi

Basic Level Photography Courses in Delhi

All photographs displayed have been taken by our students and alumni

Mobile Photography & Film Making Course (Summer Camp)

Mobile Photography & Videography Course is designed for students who are new to photography and will help them understand from the very basic.

This course is divided into 10 sessions. With primary focus on photography and later classes explaining about film-making/making small videos.

  • Introduction to Photography
    • Helping students understand what is an image. Showing them with lots of senior photographers work
    • Helping students understand the exposure and various modes in photography
    • White balance to colour correct images
    • The most important element of photography - COMPOSITION
  • Introduction to Film-Making/Making small videos in outdoors
    • Helping students understand Film-Making/Making small videos in outdoor environment.
    • Introduction to colour theory and help create a mood in the videos.
  • Taking students on an outdoor photowalk and having a final round of Q&A session.

* 3rd party photography apps not covered

* Course includes a curated photowalk with faculty

Week Day

10 Classes

Toe be announced

From DSP Faculty Team

₹12500 + 18% GST - Total of ₹14,750


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