Dual Diploma in Photography & Filmmaking in Delhi

Career Oriented Diploma in Photography Courses in Delhi

All photographs displayed have been taken by our students and alumni

Dual Diploma in Photography & Filmmaking

Dual Diploma in Photography & Filmmaking course is ideally suited for people who want to take up professional photography very seriously and want to start their work soon after completion of the course and have ample time available for learning the subject.

The course is designed in a manner that it covers all the important genres of photography so that after completing the course, students are capable of handling any photography assignments independently.

Each of the modules are taught one by one typically over one to two months depending upon the subject by practicing professional photographers who come & teach the genre in which they practice to ensure that students get specialised knowledge in each of the subjects. (To know more about them, please check our Faculty page)

Photography being a creative art form, the course is taught in a manner that almost 90% of it is covered practically. Students are given unlimited usage of the studios during the course so that they have a free hand in experimenting & creating. To ensure complete learning, students are made to learn both using artificial light as well as in natural light.

Creating the base & laying the foundation in photography

Photography cannot be learnt sitting in a class room only. That is why the curriculum & classes for Diploma in Photography course are structured in such a manner that students are given assignments & practical shoots during the specific genres which are being taught to enhance their skills & make them master that particular subject in photography.

The Students will create their own portfolio during the course. The course fee charged will include the cost of a three day trip to a wildlife sanctuary.

The students will be awarded grades during the course & the diploma certificate on successful completion as per international requirements.

Internships, Placement assistance & Other career opportunities

Being one of the oldest & well respected institutes in teaching photography, DSP receives a number of college placement opportunities for its diploma students. Students have options to choose from taking up job offers, interning with practicing photographers or simply freelancing.

We have observed that a number of students also join our our ex students who are today practicing photographers to enhance their skills & get the required experience.

Accommodation for outstation students

There is a variety of accommodation available around the institute. Students can choose between shared accommodation to PG accommodation depending on their preference & budget. Contact our counselors for any help.

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Dual Diploma in Photography & Filmmaking has Week Day as well Week End batches

Diploma in Photography has Week Day as well Week End batches

Week Day

Classes will be held three days a week during week days

Week End
Classes will be held on Saturdays & Sundays

The first two months of the course students have the option to attend the classes online or offline.

Week Day

Starts on 23-07-2024 at West Delhi Campus

From Faculty Team of DSP


Will be announced soon

The cost of a two nights three day trip to a wildlife sanctuary is included in the fee

Now available Pre-Vocational, Photography foundation course for special kids with learning disabilities and developmental delays. Call us at +91-9871642054 or +91-11-40548374 for more details.


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