Advanced Foundation Course in Photography in Delhi

Photography Courses for Amateurs in Delhi

Photographs above have been clicked by students of Delhi School of Photography

Advanced Foundation Course in Photography

Advanced Foundation Course in Photography is meant for people who want to push photography to the level of exhibition like pictures regularly, or take up any other area of photography professionally.

This course is versatile enough to give a feel into many areas of photography as well as helps in cementing the foundation in photography which helps one throughout their journey in photography.

The focus and content of the course will be:

  • Understanding the Grammar of Photography
  • Advanced Conceptual Composition
  • The art of light and its applications
  • The physics of light and its application
  • Understanding natural light (shoot)
  • Different forms of artificial light (shoot)
  • Control of artificial lights
  • Advanced use of the camera and accessories (shoot)
  • Advanced experiments
  • Digital workflow

To be defined

12 Classes

To be defined

To be announced soon

To be announced soon

Rs. 25,000 + GST @18% totalling to Rs.29,500


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Some Photos clicked by DSP Students