eCommerce Photography Course in Delhi

Photography Courses for Amateurs in Delhi

Photographs above have been clicked by students of Delhi School of Photography

eCommerce Photography Course

eCommerce Photography Course introduces the participants to Product Photography for eCommerce portals and equip them to take assignments for product shoots.

  • Understanding the principles of e-commerce photographs
  • Understanding studio lighting for e-commerce
  • Understanding Characteristics of Light
  • Understanding the basic lighting for studio
  • Handling studio lights
  • Handling light modifiers and light diffusers
  • Practical shoot for e-commerce
  • Basic Photoshop techniques for cleaning and enhancing the image
  • A portfolio of product shoot will be ready for showing to all prospect clients
  • Studio set up and basic tool required for e-commerce shoot

To be defined

8 Classes

To be defined

To be announced soon

To be defined

Rs. 15,000 + GST @18% totalling to Rs.17,700.


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Some Photos clicked by DSP Students