Photography Courses for School Students in Delhi

Basic Level Photography Courses in Delhi

All photographs displayed have been taken by our students and alumni

Photography Course for School Students

This course in Photography for school students aims at bringing out the creativity of a child by teaching them the art and technique of photography. The course is designed to inspire a young mind to see creatively various aspects of the same subject through photography and helps in enhancing the confidence to take a range of photographs with increased familiarity of the camera and provide students with the ability to take creative photographs for project work, social, cultural and family functions.

This course also helps in building a base for students aspiring to be in the field of mass communication, arts, journalism and tourism.

  • The Art of Seeing as Pictures
  • The Art of Communicating Through Pictures
  • The Art of Light & Shade
  • Skillful Use of the Camera
  • Creative Use of the Camera
  • Produce Well-Communicable Images

Photography course for Students has Week Day batches as well Week End batches

6 classes over two weeks or three week ends.

Completely flexible as these are normally held one to one or with a group of friends.

From the Alumni of DSP

Rs. 6,000 + GST @18% totalling to Rs.7,080

Now available Pre-Vocational, Photography foundation course for special kids with learning disabilities and developmental delays. Call us at +91-9871642054 or +91-11-40548374 for more details.


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