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All photographs displayed have been taken by our students and alumni

Faculty Team of Delhi School of Photography


Mr.Sandeep Biswas

Mr.Sandeep Biswas finished College of Art, New Delhi to join an advertising agency as a visualizer, after studying design in 1993. Within 2 years he realized that it was not a job he was looking to pursue, but his dream of creating and making images.

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Mr.Sumant K Barooah

Mr.Sumant K Barooah is a renowned photographer, author of few books on travel photography. He has worked across globe and he is very passionate about teaching and mentoring aspiring photographers.

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Mr.Harleen Singh

Mr.Harleen Singh is a young passionate entrepreneur who started his career as a successful banker. He finally followed his heart, his yearning for creativity and ingenuity exacted him to leave the ‘nine to five’ job at the peak of his career and take off a venture which would pave the way for bringing his creative thoughts to life.

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Mr. Mohit Birla

Mr.Mohit Birla is the owner of Aarika Productions a boutique company specialising in wedding photography & cinetamograpy. He has been in this business for the last over 14 years & is a great teacher as well. He loves to share his experiences & is very passionate in his teaching process.

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Mr. Arpit Tyagi

Mr.Arpit Tyagi is a fashion and fine art photographer and an ex- student of Delhi School of Photography whose work has recently been featured by Vogue Italia and Iconic Artist.

Arpit Graduated from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati as an engineer in 2005 and worked in the Oil & Gas Industry, starting from the field & reaching the top levels of management within a span of 12 years. Being deeply passionate about arts, he decided to move to the arts industry starting from scratch as a painter and fine artist.

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