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Commercial and Advertising Photography Course

Still Life Photography is one of the most widely used genres in photography. Be it for advertising a product or showcasing anything, they need to be shown creatively to give it the pull factor.

Commercial and Advertising Photography Course - a vocational course is designed to teach aspiring photographer, the creative aspect of Commercial and Advertising Photography. This course also will include assignments to create a portfolio of the work done

This course will be mostly practical & assignment based where the student is expected to practice extensively with different kinds of products and will cover;

  • Shoot with models as per concepts.
  • Product shoot & product lighting techniques
  • Analysis of different advertising photographers works & research based study on how different photographers develop their style

Week Day/Week End

Weekday batch : 12 Classes

Week Day

Starts on 29-04-2024
at West Delhi

From Faculty Team of DSP

Will be announced soon

Rs. 25,000 + GST @18% totalling to Rs.29,500


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