Street Portrait Workshop in Delhi

Street Portrait Workshop

All photographs displayed have been taken by our students and alumni

Street Portrait Workshop

Workshop Intent


  • To look into characters and expressions in one's subjects.
  • To understand what a good portrait is and what makes it powerful.
  • Understanding the outdoor portraiture with the help of available light and subject.
  • To understand how to intensify emotions in a portrait.


It is about how we understand our subjects and are able to express the character through the photograph.


  • We will be looking at various angles, techniques and analysis of our subject.
  • We will be recreating the character with help of our connection with the subject and use of light and shadow.
  • Analysis of various portraits photographed by different photographers through a presentation of images.


  • To develop and understanding of the difference between an ordinary picture of a person v/s an intense portrait.
  • Understanding portraiture compositions through intimate portrait and Environmental Portrait.


Any camera including a phone camera

Week End

2 Days

Day 1

Orientation/Presentations on Street Portraiture (Classroom)

Day 2

Morning 8am-10am - Street Photography Photowalk in Old Delhi
Afternoon: 12pm-1pm: Feedback session (Classroom)

Starts on 26-02-2024 at West Delhi

Mr Sandeep Biswas

Rs.5000 + GST @ 18% - Total Rs.5,900


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