Summer Camp in Photography Course in Delhi

Photography Courses in Delhi

All photographs displayed have been taken by our students and alumni

Summer Camp in Photography in Delhi

Foundation Course in Photography is a value based Basic & Advanced combo for people who want to learn the basics of photography, but also would like to understand advanced photography.

Foundation in Photography is a short term course meant to bring out the photographer in enthusiasts and beginners. It will enhance confidence to take self-inspiring range of photographs in a variety of environments with increased familiarity of the camera. Ideally suited for Travel, Street & Journalistic Photography.

Both weekend & weekday batches are available.

Session # Date Day Topics to be covered
1 1st June Wednesday Introduction to Photography , Role of Photography in our day to day Lives/Different career Options
2 3rd June Friday Introduction to Camera
3 6th June Monday Introduction to Exposure, Exposure Triangle, Creating different Artistic effects using Shutter, Aperture, ISO
4 8th June Wednesday Introduction to Manual Mode
5 10th June Friday Hands-On : Practicing Shutter speed and Perture principles : Freezing the motion/Blurring The motion/ Creating Background blur
6 13th June Monday Understanding Rules of Composition
7 15th June Wednesday Practicing Composition : Creating Beautiful images with the help of Composition techniques
8 17th June Friday Different Focussing Techniques + Other technicalities in Camera
9 20th June Monday Dynamic Range, Exposing to Highlights/Shadows , Metering Modes
10 22nd June Wednesday Introduction to Lighting : Understanding Properties of Light, working in Studio and Artificial Light
11 24th June Friday Studio Hands on
12 27th June Monday Introduction to Editing
13 29th June Wednesday Editing Hands on
14 30th June Thursday Photo Walk

Week Day

14 classes - One Month Duration.

Starting on : 01-06-2022
Finishing on : 30-06-2022

Classes wlll be conducted on Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Timings : To be announced

To be announced

Rs. 15,000 + GST @18% totalling to Rs.17,700


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